ArchaeoAdventures Women’s Tours

ArchaeoAdventures trips give you a travel experience unlike any other. Part cultural immersion, part connection with local women, part experience-rich exploration of the best and the off-the-beaten-path of the countries’ sights and experiences – ArchaeoAdventures is a new kind of tour company. We are not a big-bus or even small-bus type company. Each trip is tailor-made, one-of–a-kind, and offered only once a year. There is nothing “mass” about our trips; rather they are intimate and personal. We design unique, boutique, small group travel experiences to show adventurous women countries in the Middle East and North Africa. We put our years of experience in the region to work designing dreams trips to Egypt, Morocco and Jordan. We do not comprise on safety, health, or comfort, but also don’t go where everyone else goes just because it’s popular or “sellable.” We are for the woman looking to travel with other like-minded women in the region and who is interested in cultural understanding through being shown around by a local female guide. Our tours feel more like a local friend showing you the hidden treasures of her hometown. Rely on our deep knowledge of the countries and cultures. Let us do the heavy lifting and the logistical coordination while you get to relax and fully dedicate yourself to enjoying your time in the country and getting to know its people, places, food, and cultures.

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