Treasures of the Nile

    • DATESpring 2018


  • Experience what ancient explorers must have felt as you climb around inside the Great Pyramid.
  • Follow the footsteps of Howard Carter, visiting the “boy king” Tutankhamun’s Tomb and observe his mummy.
  • Trace the path of Pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings and see their mummies in the Cairo Museum.
  • Go back in time to the Belle Époque as we spend 3 days on a luxurious Dahabiya (traditional Egyptian sail boat) traveling up the Nile from Aswan to Luxor, taking in Upper Egypt’s towering limestone cliffs and ancient temples.
  • Explore the twisting cobblestone streets, buzzing Khan el-Khalili market, and great mosques of Old Cairo.

Egypt: Treasures of the Nile in 12 Days

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  • Optional Single
  • Supplement TBD

The Pharaohs, ancient temples and monuments, and legendary tombs of Egypt still draw us in millennia after this ancient civilization. Whether visiting the legendary Pyramids of Giza or diving in the Red Sea or marveling at Tutankhamun’s treasures or mosque-hopping in Islamic Cairo or a pilgrimage to important religious sites – Egypt has an adventure or two for every traveler. Come join us OnAdventure with ArchaeoAdventures on one of our upcoming women-powered travel trips to Egypt and write your own story.

Download the Egypt: Treasures of the Nile Tour Detailed Itinerary.
For questions about the tour please contact our tour director, Genevieve Hathaway at or by phone +001 (425) 243-9357.

What’s Included

• Small group of 6-12 like-minded travelers .
• Site entrance fees. This includes admission fees to the Giza Plateau, Great Pyramid, Menkaure’s Pyramid, the Sphinx, Saqqara, tombs and pyramids at Saqqara, Qaitbey Fort, Pompeii’s Pillar, the Greco-Roman Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa, Abu Simbel, Philae, Unfinished Obelisk, Kom Ombo Temple, Edfu Temple, Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, Karnak Light Show, Deir el-Bahari, Valley of the Kings (entrance to three tombs), Tutankhamun’s Tomb, Deir el-Medina, Colossi of Memnon, Coptic Cairo,Old Islamic Cairo, the Citadel of Saladin and Mohamed Ali Mosque, the Cairo Museum, the Royal Mummy Exhibit. (Sites may be subject to change. We do our best to follow this itinerary, but sites can close unexpectedly and without prior notice according to the discretion of the Ministry of Antiquities. For most tomb sites and some temples, there is a rotation between the tombs and areas of the temples open to the public to allow for restoration work. )
• Dawn Hot Air Balloon Ride over Luxor’s West Bank.
• All breakfasts, and selected lunches and dinners.
• Tour in-country transportation including all ground transportation while on tour, transportation to and from the airport, and in-country flights between Cairo, Aswan and Luxor.
• Historic, comfortable, boutique hotels each with their own story and place in history
• Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor in a luxury Nile cruise boat.
• Tips for our local guides and drivers. Our expert local female guides and drivers are highly professional, experienced staff. We take care of all wages and tipping.
• No in-country cash payment. Many tour companies require in-country cash payments. This is a way to keep the initial tour price appearing low, while you actually pay a much higher price for the tour. We believe in the costs being upfront and no hidden fees. We include all tour costs in the listed price.
• Optional single supplement. Looking to bunk by yourself in your own room? We’ve included a number of single rooms for an additional fee. (We are not matchmakers and even the best attempts to match up solo travelers can sometimes lead to personality conflicts of travelers we pair up. So, we do not match up solo travelers and rather encourage women wishing to bunk with someone else to bring a friend, colleague, travel partner or family member with them on the tour.)
• Free time. We know how important it can be to have a little time built in for you to explore on your own or simply take a moment to relax. We’ve carefully planned our tours to provide you a balance between structured travel and free time. We offer free time in Aswan and Cairo, both locations have been carefully chosen to provide you with the easiest, hassle-free environments and locations to explore on your own if you wish or spend time relaxing.

Cost Details

Tour Cost: TBD
Single Supplement: TBD
Optional Red Sea Extension: TBD
Our tour prices are an excellent value and a good investment, while also reflecting our beliefs in responsible travel. We believe that part of responsible tourism, of traveling with intention and being accountable for our choices, is using the economic power of travel to employ qualified and talented local women guides. We believe in empowering local women as equal wage earners and helping provide them the resources to continue to support their families through fair wage jobs. Our tours and tour rates reflect these beliefs.

Is this tour right for you?

Our tours are not for everyone, but for the right travelers they are a wonderful way to experience, explore and connect with Egypt – its history, people and culture. A trip of a lifetime.
Can you enjoy traveling in a developing nation? Egypt is a developing nation that has recently moved through fast period of growth, change and revolution during the Arab Spring. It’s an exciting and fascinating time to experience Egypt. As a developing nation many services, systems and levels of environmental cleanliness are not the same as they are in Europe and the States. While exploring the country you will see pollution, poverty, overcrowded cities, and sadly malnourished people and animals. You will also see an Egypt working toward finding it’s way to a progressive democracy and finding solution for its economic, social and political challenges. You will experience the stunning civilization of Ancient Egypt, learn about Egypt’s fascinating Islamic history, meet friendly locals, enjoy the warmth and hospitality of Egyptians, and enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the Nile and the Red Sea.

Activity level

This trip requires moderate activity level – sustained walking for 2 hours over rough terrain, up hills, and in the heat unassisted.
This trip is not appropriate for travelers using walkers, wheelchairs, other mobility aids, or who cannot stand on their feet for 2-3 hours while visiting sites and walking around museums.


We place the safety of our travelers and staff as our top priority. We are continuously in close contact with our knowledgeable on-the-ground staff, network of in-country partners and the US State Department. We update our site with the most current safety situation. If at any time safety becomes an issue we will alter the trip itinerary or, if absolutely necessary, cancel, post-pone a trip, or end a tour early. Our local guides and American tour director will be closely monitoring the situation while the tours are in-progress to ensure that every tour is safe, though currently we do not anticipate any need to change the itinerary of our upcoming tours.

Visa Information

Visas are easily obtained at airport at the time of entry and are valid for one month. We recommend travelers bring the appropriate amount of cash in their home currency. There are atms at the airport, but these machines can’t always be counted on to be functioning. The price varies depending on your country. Check with your home country’s state department website for the latest visa rates.

Tour Fine Print

Booking a tour and Your Deposit: To book an upcoming ArchaeoAdventures tour to Egypt a $500 deposit per person is require. Reservations are taken on a first come first serve basis and we do not hold your spot until your despot has been received. The tour registration form must also be completed and submitted. Deposit can be paid by check, credit card, paypal or cashier’s check. Rates: Rates are based on tariffs, U.S. exchange rates, hotel rates and vendor fees at the time of tour reservation. Our tour rates are subject to change due to unpredictability of costs, exchange rates, and tariffs. Once you book your tour and submit your deposit (for full payment if paying less than 60 days prior to departure date) the price of your tour will not change. Full tour payment is due 60 days prior to the state of your tour.