What is the maximum number of travelers on a tour?

We offer small group tours for women. Tours will have a maximum of 12 travelers. This lets us give you a personal, intimate travel experience. Our trips feel like traveling with a group of friends rather than in a tour group.

Are there any age restrictions for your tours?

To join our tours you must be at least 18 years of age. We have no upper age limit for our tours. However, age and physical ability may restrict your ability to see some of the attractions on the tours. See blow for details on the tour activity levels.

What is the level of activity required on your tours?

This trip requires moderate activity level – sustained walking for 2 hours over rough terrain, up hills, and in the heat unassisted. Some days you may be on your feet for the majority of the day with only short breaks. This trip is not appropriate for travelers using walkers, wheelchairs, other mobility aids, or who cannot stand on their feet for 2-3 hours while visiting sites and walking around museums. Our tours often involve a number of hours outside in hot temperatures (70 – 85F).

Do your tours include international airfare?

Travelers join our tours from all over the world. To factor for this wide variety of guest locations and to provide our travelers with the most value, we do not include international airfare in our prices. We can provide recommendations of websites to book your international airfare.

What kinds of luggage are appropriate to bring on the tours?

You’ll want to pack light. Lighter packing inevitably makes for more enjoyable travel. We will have limited space during sections of this tour — on our in-country flights and on our Nile Cruise boats. All travelers are allowed to bring one large piece of luggage (less than 23kg in weight) and one carry-on bag that adheres to airline dimension requires, plus small purse, shoulder bag or day pack. Large luggage needs to be easily movable by tour participants up  — on and off the van, up to your room, up or down flights of stairs.

Can you help secure my travel visas?

Visa requirements can vary depending on your nationality and destination. Most nationalities can receive visas upon arrival in Egypt, Morocco and Jordan. Although we cannot directly get you a visa, contact our helpful staff at tours@archaeoadventures.com with any questions on your specific situation.

Do I need any vaccinations?

Many of the countries we explore do have vaccination recommendations. Consult your general practitioner or a Travel Health Clinic for the proper advice on vaccinations.

What clothing should I pack for one of your tours?

We recommend packing as light as possible; it makes travel easier and more enjoyable. Good, sturdy walking shoes, comfortable clothing that can breathe well in the heat, a hat and plenty of sunscreen are all musts for any of our trips. Specific requirements for your tour will vary depending on where and when you are traveling. Your trip’s ‘Tour Documents’ will cover country and trip specific clothing needs. There is also included a suggested packing list that you can use as a reference. See the next question for additional details on appropriate dress for women. Email us at tours@archaeoadventures.com with any specific questions regarding your situation or destination.

What is appropriate dress for women visiting the Middle East? Do I have to cover my hair all the time?

This is an excellent question we often are asked. We appreciate travelers’ cultural sensitivities and desire to show respect where they are traveling. While some Middle Eastern countries (such as Iran and Saudi Arabia) require foreign women to cover their hair, none of the countries we operate in require women to cover their hair.  In Jordan, Egypt and Morocco, local women use a variety of head coverings, while some do not cover their hair. It depends on their religious beliefs rather than a law. The Middle East is generally more conservative and it is respectful for both men and women to dress appropriately. For women we recommend pants or skirts that are below the knees, shirts that cover the shoulders, have a high neckline (no cleavage please), and do not show any mid-drift. Also no transparent clothing (be careful with whites and sheer fabrics ladies), bra straps showing, and skin tight clothing. Leave those skinny jeans and crop tops at home, instead opt for looser fitting more breathable cotton and polyester. In addition to showing more respect for the Middle Eastern culture (and thus getting more respect in return) you’ll also be much happier when it’s 85F and we’re exploring in the desert. The only time you will be required to cover your hair is when visiting mosques. We recommend bringing one large, lightweight shawl to easily cover your hair the few times we do visit mosques.

I’m a single traveler; will I be charged a single supplement?

Our trips do include a single supplement option for travelers wishing to room by themselves. Unfortunately, we are not matchmakers and even the best attempts to match up solo travelers can sometimes lead to personality conflicts between travelers we pair together. So, we do not match up solo travelers and rather encourage women wishing to bunk with someone else to bring a friend, colleague, travel partner or family member with them on the tour. Solo travelers can pay a single supplement rate that covers the additional costs of private hotel rooms.

Can you provide me with a list of the hotels we will be staying at?

Please see the specific Trip Details for hotel information. If a last minute hotel change is required due to unforeseen events, we will substitute a hotel of equal or better quality.

Can I join a tour late or leave it early?

It is possible to join our tours late and leave early, but travelers will be responsible for all costs and making necessary arrangements for these changes. If you anticipate that you may need to leave a tour early or join late, please contact us at tours@archaeoadventures.com discuss your situation and see if our tours are still a good fit.

What if my flight is delayed and I miss the first day of the tour?

We encourage all guests to arrive a day early to give themselves an extra day to adjust to the time difference and allow for potential airline delays. We understand that travel can be unpredictable and delays in flights do happen. If your flight is delayed and you arrive a day late, we do our best to help you join the tour as soon as possible. Unfortunately, given that our tour days are filled with many sites and experiences, and as to not negatively impact the other guests, we cannot make up the sites you miss or give a refund for these sites and events missed.

What type of ground transportation is used on your tours?

We use comfortable, air-conditioned small vans.

Can I book extra nights at a hotel before or after the tour?

Yes, and we encourage you to do so! 14 days only scratches the surface of the country you are visiting. We have found it beneficial to many travelers to arrive a day early to rest and adjust to the time difference. In addition, there are still many sites we don’t visit that travelers enjoying seeing on their own. Email us at tours@archaeoadventures.com discuss add-ons and to make additional travel and accommodation arrangements. Please note that to ensure room in the hotels we begin and end the tour in, we recommend booking at least a month in advance. We are not travel agents, as such we can recommend hotels and direct you to the appropriate websites but all tours, activities, transportation and services that are outside the tours will need to be booked by you.

Is tipping included and if not, how much should I budget?

Local guide tips are not included and are entirely at your discretion. With that in mind, we encourage our guests to tip guides since it is considered customary in the Middle East and North Africa to tip guides. It is a way to show appreciation for a job well done. The amount you tip is at your discretion. A suggested tipping rate for a good guide is $10/day they guide with us.

Can I bring my husband/boyfriend/son/male friend?

Our tours are women-powered. That means they are built by women for women. We aim to offer our female travelers the unique experience of exploring the Middle East and North Africa with local women who are experts in their country. To maintain this dynamic we keep our tour groups all women. If you would like to take one of our trips with your husband/boyfriend/son/malefriend email us at tours@archaeoadventures.com to arrange a private tour.

How are tours paid for?


To book an upcoming ArchaeoAdventures tour to Egypt a $1000 deposit per person is require. Reservations are taken on a first come first serve basis and we do not hold your spot until your despot has been received. The tour registration form must also be completed and submitted. Deposit can be paid by check, credit card,  paypal or cashier’s check.


Payment can be made by check, bank transfer via PayPal, or credit card via PayPal. Full payment is due 60 days prior to the start of the tour. An invoice of payment due will be emailed to you one week prior to the final payment due date. Please take note of the due date at the time you book your tour. This date is also listed on your initial confirmation letter. You are responsible to make this final payment. We try out best to remind you, but sometimes emails get lost or end up in spam filters, so we recommend you mark the final payment on your calendar. Not paying the final payment on or before this deadline may result in you being removed from the tour and your deposit fore-fitted. If you reserve your spot on the tour less than 60 days prior to departure, the full tour rate is due at the time of booking. (Note refunds on payment is not given less than 60 days before the start of the tour). We do accept final payment in installments, but the full amount is due no later than 60 days prior to the tour.

May I pay for the tour in installments?

Yes, you may pay for tours in installments, though the final payment is due 60 days prior to departure.

Do you offer discounts for AAA, AARP, military, student or other association members?

At this time, we do not offer association discounts.

Can the restaurants and meals accommodate food allergies or dietary restrictions?

Yes. We can accommodate any food allergies and dietary restrictions. Contact our knowledgeable staff at tours@archaeoadventures.com to discuss your specific situation. Also, please alert us when you book your tour so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Are hotels and transportation options ADA-accessible or able to accommodate physical disabilities?

Please email our knowledgeable tour staff at tours@archaeoadventures.com with the specifics of your physical disability and we can discuss if the tour you’re interested is a good fit for you.

Will the hotels offer internet access, or must I bring my own device to use the web?

We offer wifi access throughout the trip. Some hotels will have business centers where you can use a computer for a small fee.

What is your cancellation and refund policies?

We are committed to running our tours and ask that our guests be committed to them as well. We also understand that unplanned for situations may arise which require you to cancel your tour with us. Deposits and payments made 90 days or earlier before the tour departure date are 100% refundable. 90 – 60 days prior to tour departure are subject to 50% refund on tour deposit and a full refund on any additional tour payments made. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds less than 60 days prior to the tour departure date. We finalized all bookings with our vendors 60 days prior to tour departure to guarantee our travelers the best possible experience in Egypt. As such, we cannot give refunds on payments less than 60 days before tour departure.

All traveler’s are required to purchase and show proof of traveler’s insurance which covers overseas illness, trip interruption/cancellation protection, and emergency evacuation. You may also wish to purchase flight protection insurance.

If we cancel a tour you have reserved, the entire amount you have paid will be refunded to you within 14 days after the tour cancellation. Once this refund has occurred, ArchaeoAdventures and its representatives have no other obligations to tour members for the canceled tour, including any other additional costs incurred due to the canceled trip, such as cancellation or change of airlines trips or other reservations not booked by ArchaeoAdventures. The tour member’s trip cancellation and interruption covers these reimbursements. Tour participants will need to go through their chosen insurance company for compensation and reimbursement for these reservations not booked by ArchaeoAdventures.