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This October I will be taking a small group of ladies on a once in a life time trip to Morocco. It’s a 9 amazing days of exploring the very best Morocco and the Moroccan people have to offer. We will be traveling the country with some wonderful local ladies. There are still a couple spots left, and I invite you to join me!

I designed this trip based on my many visits to Morocco. It’s my chance to show a small group of women MY Morocco – my favorite little restaurants, experiences and parts of the country. By traveling with local women guides, it’s like traveling with a local friend. They give us a wonderful insider look at the country — and in turn we get to economically empower women in Morocco through good tourism jobs. We’ll watch the sunset over Marrakech’s famous Djemaa el-Fna square as the daytime performers are replaced by the evening chefs whipping up some of the very best street eats in Morocco. Feel like an explorer from a bygone era taking a camel trek deep into the Moroccan Sahara desert to camp under the stars. Get lost in the maze like medina of ancient Fez and watch the world famous tanneries cure some of the softest leather. We’ll listen to the call to prayer echo off the Rif Mountains while nibbling on tastey pastillas in Chefchaouen, Morocco’s blue town (Yep, the whole town is blue. And it’s the sister city of Issaquah, Washington.). Along the way we get to know friendly locals, hard working female guides, and generous and caring Moroccan families. And we end our time in Morocco with the romantic city of Casablanca and its stunning Hassan II Mosque.

Photographing sunset over Morocco’s Sahara on a 2 day camel trek. Photo: Genevieve Hathaway Photography.

Summer is well underway and I hope you are enjoying many travel adventures – both around your hometowns and to far away lands. In the wake of the recent events in Istanbul, the United States, and many other countries; traveling can seem scary, daunting, or unsafe. We want to be safe and secure on our travels, and we want the same for our loved ones. With so much uncertainty in the world and a human race that seems to (especially if you watch the news) be ever more spinning out of control, I understand why people who dream of traveling to these places and other parts of the world would be concerned its not the time to visit.

Personally I would travel to Turkey, to Europe  or to most of the Middle East (except Syria, Iraq, Yemen) tomorrow. And I encourage the same for my family and friends. I have no more concern traveling to these places than the US. It is heartbreaking the struggles that great countries, such as Turkey, are facing with the recent bombing of Ataturk International Airport. But we in the US face similar challenges. This is not unique to the Middle East, the problem of terrorism is something we face across the world. How we respond to these challenges is something we DO have control over.

Suleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul. Photo: Genevieve Hathaway Photography.

The world outside our front door is being billed as a scary place. Whether traveling to Dallas, Orlando, Paris or Istanbul — the message we get on a daily basis from all sorts of media is to be afraid. I find the opposite is true when I travel. The more I experience the world, other cultures, other places – the more I meet people from all walks of who are more similar to me than different. And the more I am affirmed of human kindness, goodness and that we all share a desire to care for our loved ones and look after our neighbors (including travelers). I encourage and invite you to join me in boldly saying “no” to fear and continue to travel. Getting on an airplane and flying to Belgium, Turkey, Cairo, Paris sends the message to the terrorists and also the media that we refuse to be afraid and we stand with, not against, those people and nations. Terrorism tries to divide and ingrain us with fear. I invite you all to join me in doing just the opposite. To stand up, refuse to be afraid, and join me on our tour to Morocco in October.

In the rest of this July travel newsletter, we’re covering tips for getting started planning your trip to the Middle East and North Africa, a timelapse of Morocco’s Djemaa el-Fna Square to fuel your travel dreams, an article on making a difference in the world, one woman at a time through intentional travel, an some great times and tricks for exploring Dubai in our article Dubai: Behind the Glitz, Glam and Glass.

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Thank you for being here, for sharing your love of travel with us, and for your curiosity in the Middle East and North Africa.
We will see you all #OnAdventure in Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Jordan, or wherever your travels take you!
 Best Wishes and Wonderful Travels,



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