Meet The Team

Genevieve Hathaway, Founder and Director of ArchaeoAdventures Tours

Genevieve Hathaway is the Founder and Director of ArchaeoAdventures Tours. She is an internationally published travel photographer, lecturer and Middle East and North Africa tourism specialist. For over a decade, Genevieve has lived and worked throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Her love affair with the Middle East began when she was a small child, hearing her parents’ tales of exploring Egypt in the early 1980s. Watching her dad pull out small slides (this was long before the age of the dslr), insert them into a projector and the wall of the family home would come alive with images of the Sphinx, markets with jalabyya wearing men pedaling their wares, and reliefs from the tomb of Tutankhamun. In 2003, Genevieve had the first of many opportunities to live in Egypt, studying Egyptology at the American University in Cairo. Earning a BA in Archaeology and a BS in Biology from the University of Washington; her first career was as an Archaeologist, specializing in Egyptology and Osteo-Archaeology. In 2011, Genevieve launched the Gear for Gals in Pakistan project, bringing leading brands from the outdoor industry together to supply climbing equipment to the Pakistan Youth Outreach, which promotes gender equality through training women as mountaineers. She returned again to Cairo in 2012, at the height of the Arab Spring, to consult for tour companies running tours in Egypt. While living on Tahrir Square in 2012, Genevieve began a project called War on Walls – documenting Egypt’s Arab Spring street art movement. The photography project features some of the most iconic and important revolution street art. Photographs from this project have appeared in National Geographic Traveller India and the well-known British photography magazine Aspect:Ratio, published in Genevieve’s book War On Walls, and exhibited in Seattle.

Working in the Middle East travel consultant and specialist, Genevieve was inspired by the many talented and knowledgeable female expert tour guides who were very passionate about sharing their country with travelers. She saw an opportunity to create a unique kind of travel experience — connecting these great local women guides with women travelers who were interested in exploring the Middle East and North Africa. Women supporting each other through the unique and empowering experience of travel. ArchaeoAdventures Tours was built on this idea and crafted into the leading women-powered tour company in the Middle East and North Africa.

When not traveling, she calls Seattle, Washington home.

Genevieve can be reached at


Jennifer Larsen, Business Operations and Development Adviser

Jennifer Larsen is passionate about exploring new adventures and women supporting women in business. In her career, Jennifer has 18 years of diversified in Information Technology experience. Her strengths are business operations, integration and strategy, employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, and continual service improvement. Ms. Larsen believes in inspiring others through integrity and leading by example. Recent educational highlights include: Master of Science in Organizational Development from Pepperdine University (2014); a MBA from Florida Institute of Technology (2010), and Inaugural cohort alumna from an intensive 3 year leadership development program at a fortune 50 company (2013).

Jennifer pays it forward in areas of human rights as well as education and empowerment nonprofit causes. She believes that giving back to community through volunteerism is paramount to a life well lived. Examples of her volunteer work are coaching for Girls on the Run, board work at the Organization for Prostitution Survivors in Seattle, Washington; championing strategy for corporate diversity and inclusion council’s serving thousands of employees, and advising an early career mentoring program. Jennifer looks forward to traveling the world with Genevieve Hathaway fearlessly guiding the way.


Joanie Maro, Columnist and Egyptology Expert

unnamedJoanie Maro is a writer, teacher, archaeologist, and self-proclaimed travel addict. She has worked abroad as an English teacher and archaeologist in numerous countries throughout the Middle East, and Europe. And has worked domestically for European tour operators. Joanie has only ever been completely sure about two things in her life. First, is her complete unfailing love for Egypt, both modern and ancient. Second is her lifelong ability and fondness for writing. She is excited to finally be able to combine these two passions to create this column, On The Road With Joanie Maro, for ArchaeoAdventures. She is also an Egyptology adviser for ArchaeoAdventures.

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Lizzie Clawson, Copy Editor-At-Large

unnamedLizzie cut her international travel teeth on jaunts with Genevieve back in the days before they had to buckle down and be contributing members of society. International bouts with speed-dating, ambulance rides, and petty theft (relax, Mom, it was mostly trespassing) were all par for the course, because, well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. She now travels mostly within Washington to enjoy the epic scenery of her home state. Fortunately, from the beige tranquility of her cubicle in Seattle, she also gets to live vicariously through Genevieve and the rest of the ArchaeoAdventures team. Any typos on this site are her fault. Also, any puns.



Dr. Manal Kelig, Egypt Specialist

unnamed2Dr. Manal Kelig received her BA in Egyptology & Tourism in 1992 from the Faculty of Tourism & Hotel Management Helwan University of Cairo. Upon graduation, she pursued a career as an Egyptologist and guide. Through her work she realized that there was a huge misconception, and stereotyping about the status of women in the Middles East and Islamic countries. This encouraged her to choose the “Public & Political Role of Women in Egypt During the 19th Century” as the subject of her Masters thesis. In 2009 she received her Ph.D and also started an initiative called Peace Through Tourism. She has traveled to different countries around the world to encourage more tourism players to join the initiative. Manal likes to consider herself a Philanthropreneur who brings an entrepreneurial approach to philanthropy as she is interested in effecting positive changes in the world through alleviating suffering. She co-founded ‘Tree of Hope NGO’ for community development and is working on developing a new approach of Voluntourism that focuses on a stronger positive impact through & ethical practices and stake holders involvement as decision makers. In 2014 she hosted the first TEDxCairoWomen and succeeded to bring together different faces of Egyptian women in one conversation. Her ultimate goal is to raise awareness of the full potential of the Travel industry in the Middle East and direct it to the empowerment of the local community and in particular women.