Safety in the Middle East and North Africa

The Middle East and North Africa is a large, very diverse region. Each country has its own unique situation, cultural norms to navigate, and rules to work with. For example, driving in Jordan and Morocco is generally quite straightforward and easy, while driving in Egypt is a mix of brilliance and madness that baffles most foreigners and expats. Our team of regional specialists and local staff works hard to know the ins and outs of each country we operate in, as well as the regional dynamics, to ensure our guests safety and comfort.

We place the safety of our travelers and staff as our top priority. We are continuously in close contact with our knowledgeable on-the-ground staff, network of in-country partners and the US State Department. We update our site with the most current safety situation. If at any time safety becomes an issue we will alter the trip itinerary or, if absolutely necessary, cancel, post-pone a trip, or end a tour early. Our local guides and American tour director will be closely monitoring the situation while the tours are in-progress to ensure that every tour is safe, though currently we do not anticipate any need to change the itinerary of our upcoming tours.

To learn about the specific safety situations in the countries in which we operate tours follow the links below:


Jordan (details coming soon)

Morocco (details coming soon)