The trip was amazing! It was a great overview to the beautiful country. The city tours with local female guides were insightful and a great opportunity to really connect with the culture. The accommodations were very charming and the food was delicious! – Katherine

Jennifer Larsen

In 2016 I adventured to Morocco on the ArchaeoAdventures tour. I was closing a chapter in my life and used the trip as a life reset. It was a fascinating and magical tour with a truly wonderful group of traveling companions, we are still friends today! I found many people that spoke English to help me navigate while I explored the Medinas; friendly locals always guided me to a shop, spa, or restaurant I sought in Marrakech and Fez if I got lost. The food was spectacular, and spices from the markets continue to help me recreate moments I cherish. I came home with so many memories and treasures, which I topped off by adding a photo-shoot by Geneviève Hathaway Photography to keep my experience in the Sahara desert alive in pictures.


My trip to Morocco with ArchaeoAdventures was the tour of a lifetime. We saw and did so much over a relatively short time, and everywhere we went, we were met with stunning scenery and helpful people. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know Morocco with such fabulous travel companions!

E. Clawson

Genevieve’s expertise combines the best of book smarts and street smarts. Not only are her travels well-researched, but once her feet hit the ground she’s meeting locals, making contacts, and turning information into rich experience. Her joy for traveling is infectious.

Sarah Williams

Traveling with Genevieve (ArchaeoAdventures’ Director) in 2014, I have now well and truly rediscovered not just my passion for travel, but also my passion for my own life. I don’t throw about expressions like that lightly; Gen is one of those rare people in life who lives so authentically that you cant help but want to do the same. Her passion for travel, for discovery, for “living” her own “gifts” will at the very least mean you feel good in her company and at best make you want to discover your own.

K. Grinnell

In past travels with Genevieve, ArchaeoAdventures’ Director, I learned she has not just passion to take adventure to the next level (ie climb the Incan Trail in Peru) but the ability to rise to make the best of every occasion. She did lots of great research, found great highlights, and when things did veer off course, she stayed calm, collected lots of information about options, and did her absolute best to turn a challenge into a classy opportunity. I can’t wait to explore Egypt on one of the trips she’s concocted with care and her great love of Egyptian history.

M. McDonald

I highly recommend traveling with ArchaeoAdventures Tours. Their Director, Genevieve, is so knowledgeable about the Middle East and has such a love for travel, it’s infectious! The local women guides were very professional and made my friends and I feel at home in their country. We felt very safe traveling with ArchaeoAdventures. We definitely will be taking another of their tours!

T. Swan

I have toured with Genevieve through several Middle East countries.Genevieve’s tours are great fun as well as carefully planned, well organized and safely run. She had us visits both well and lesser known sites and arranged for wonderful encounters with local people. With her smile and charming personality, Genevieve smooths the way for her clients with taxi drivers, guards, and anyone else who might make a trip more challenging. She is an outstanding tour guide and selects great local guides. I highly recommend her tours and will go on another one myself when I get the chance!

Kit Parks

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your interview yesterday. I am an avid traveler, but outside of Istanbul (and hopes for Morocco), I had planned to avoid the Middle East. Your interview changed my mind and I will be sure to use your company when I go.
Thanks for opening my mind!