Traveler’s Thoughts on Why Egypt is Safe to Visit

We get asked often if Egypt is safe to visit, and our answer is always the same – a resounding YES! We’ve written at length safety in Egypt here, but thought travelers would appreciate hearing the recent thoughts on safety from another traveler.

In his article, Jake Ellwood does an excellent job explaining why Egypt is safe, why the media has painted an incorrect picture of Egypt, and why his is moving to Dahab.  You can read his thoughts below.


Egypt, why the media is ruining tourism, and why it’s actually safe to go there.

Hi all,

Since announcing 2 blog posts ago that Ana and I intend to relocate to Dahab, Egypt. We have had many people ask us if “that is such a good idea”

Most of this has been down to poorly written articles from the media which are often incorrect and cleverly worded to “stir the pot” to try and draw as many views to ‘their’ view on the current situation and conflicts out in Egypt. The knock on effect this has is terrible, and for someone who feels pretty close to the country itself, quite heart wrenching as well.

My intention from this post is to attempt to show people a different view, one based on proven facts and information, collectively with my own experiences and additionally information from friends I have currently living across Egypt…obviously I’m biased and ‘Pro’ travelling to Egypt, and here’s why.

The Media

Lets start with our friends from the tabloids. The media have been rubbing their hands together and spinning stories to do with Egypt and it’s conflicts for a long time. For example I remember back in 2013 when the same “dead” person was shown to be “dead” in 3 separate locations from 3 separate reporting/news companies, I can imagine how that phone call went…

“OK we have a job for you, we need you to act dead in multiple locations…”

2 weeks ago there was an attack in the Northern Sinai, in an area called Sheikh Zuweid, one of the most Northern parts of the country, it is 453km away from Sharm El Sheikh by car, so at best a 6 hour 30 minute drive and it was being labelled as “just a few miles” away by a few newspapers, last time I checked ‘a few’ meant 3…or another small amount.


Yep, definitely just “a few miles” away.

What really infuriated me was this image below doing the rounds


It’s so misleading, its amazing how many people I saw actively replying/posting about it “look, they’re so close! Egypt is dangerous”

The Northern Sinai has been a “No travel zone” as advised by the FCO for as long as I can remember. Also those killed, were not tourists, they were militants, members of the Army, people doing what they can to make the world a safer place, it’s horrible to say but what they’re doing is a risk they take on knowingly.

Read the rest of the article here.


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