What chances will you take this year?

We live in uncertain times. Whether at home or abroad, there are days it can feel like the earth is spinning off its axis. This can make traveling to a foreign country feel like an even bigger risk. But just because it feels like the world is falling apart doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel. In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take. We have no control over the external events occurring around the world, but we can control how we respond to them. The world, and particularly the media, can be filled with a lot of fear, rather than practical, useful information about places and situations. It is up to us to be aware of this factor, of the uncertainty being created that may not really exist in the places we are thinking of visiting. Instead doing our homework, talking to people actually on the ground in foreign places, letting our rational side lead rather than our emotions, and making our decisions based on what is best for us and our travel partners. It’s all too easy to listen to those well-meaning, but uninformed friends or family members, or to get bombarded by fear from too much news-watching. It is important to be an informed, smart, savvy traveler, and there are lots of great resources on the internet to help us do this. Traveling is transformative, can give us deep meaning to our lives and change our perspective on ourselves and other cultures.

What travel chances will you take this year and how will they change your perspective?

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