2019 Tours Open At Early Bird Rate

Our 2019 Tours are now open for booking at the Early Bird rate. This rate will be only for a limited time and then change to the regular price. Spots on the tours fill quickly so book yours today and join us in JordanMorocco or Egypt!

Jordan Tour: 7 Wonders of Jordan and Petra with Suzanne Al Houby

Dates: March and October 2019

Known for the iconic ancient wonder of Petra and the natural beauty of the Wadi Rum desert, Jordan is an exciting destination with much to offer travelers. Friendly people, fascinating ancient history, the magnificent wonder of the ancient world Petra, beautiful landscape and unparalleled adventure – exploring Jordan is a trip of a lifetime. Ride a camel through the majestic, red desert of Wadi Rum with its towering sandstone monoliths, deep red rock, and nights of endless stars. Sip tea with local Bedouins and learn about their unique lives and traditions. Marvel at the architectural feats and stunningly preserved iconic city of Petra – once the capital of the great Nabatean empire. Hike the highest peak in Jordan – Jabal Um Al Dami. Spend time with local Bedouin learning their history and traditions. Relax at the Dead Sea – float and swim in the lowest point on dry land.

About the size of Portugal, Arab traditions of hospitality and kindness run deep in Jordan. From the Dead Sea (the lowest place on earth) to the famous desert of Wadi Rum (setting of TE Lawrence and David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia) to the stunning Red Sea, to the evocative cliff-carved ruins of Petra, Jordan is a beautiful country to spend time in. Jordan has many hidden wonders that await adventure seekers. Join us on an adventure across the spirited and ever-changing landscapes of Jordan. (Reword) Experience the adventure, history and modern-day culture of Jordan.


Morocco Tour: Majestic Morocco

Dates: September and October 2019

Mountains, Medinas and the Mediterranean. Sahara, Souqs, Surfing. Camels, Crafts, Couscous. There are too many words to describe Morocco to boil it down to just a simple phrase. Morocco is a rich mix of Berber, Arab and French culture. A land as much defined by its geographic as by its people. Morocco is bordered in the east by the vast and desolate Sahara desert. On the west is the Mediterranean and in the north and center are a series of rugged mountain ranges. Whether an outdoor enthusiast, a foodie, or excited to learn about a place through its history — Morocco has something for every traveler. Below learn about this Morocco tour.

Egypt Tour: Treasures of the Nile

Date: March 2019

The Pharaohs, ancient temples and monuments, and legendary tombs of Egypt still draw us in millennia after this ancient civilization. Whether visiting the legendary Pyramids of Giza or diving in the Red Sea or marveling at Tutankhamun’s treasures or mosque-hopping in Islamic Cairo or a pilgrimage to important religious sites – Egypt has an adventure or two for every traveler. Come join us in Egypt and write your own story.

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