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Who We Are

We help bold, curious travelers go beyond the highlights and connect with locals through authentic, meaningful travel experiences.

At ArchaeoAdventures, we believe that travel should be more meaningful than checking off a list of sites and cookie-cutter experiences. Rather, we help bold, curious travelers go beyond the highlights and connect with locals through authentic, meaningful travel experiences.

Come as a Traveler, Leave as a Local.


For Travelers, By Travelers

Like you, we became frustrated with the only option for curious, bold, sustainably-caring travelers was to be on big bus tour experiencing a country looking through the big glass windows with 50 other tourists. And as travelers ourselves we knew the joy of building memories with locals in a country – learning about each other over a pipping hot cup of tea, laughing around a desert fire with new Bedouin friends in the fabled red desert Wadi Rum, meeting a local family whose ancestors had worked the same plot of land along the Nile River for generations and were now saving every penny to send their daughter to medical school, having local Marrakechi friends show you their favorite mom and pop restaurants where few tourists venture and are definitely not in the guide books. As travelers ourselves, we decided to build a travel company where fellow curious travelers can enjoy these personal, memorable, authentic experiences connecting with locals, building unforgettable travel memories and learning about cultures on a custom built adventure; while also exploring the off-the-beaten path places and sites. And so ArchaeoAdventures was born.
(Enjoying the famous Jordanian dish Mansaf with our friend and guide Ali and his family. Ali was showing us the proper way to eat this beloved national cuisine - homecooked by mom. These are the kinds of meaningful travel moments we build into our tours.)

Go Beyond The Highlights With Authentic, Local Travel Experiences

Like you, we believe that travel should be meaningful – authentically connecting us with locals, building lifelong memories, taking us deeper into a culture, making the history of a place come to life, and exploring beyond the main sites. While we wouldn’t dream of skipping iconic places like the Pyramids, Petra or the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, we also understand the joy of exploring quieter, off the beaten path places such as the Dahshur Pyramids, the citadels of north Jordan, or Istanbul’s Suleymaniye Mosque that provide a beautiful window into history and culture without the throngs of thousands of tourists.

We also understand that some of the most powerful and meaningful travel adventures are the moments we connect with locals. Learning about someone’s life, family traditions, the shop or business that has been in their family for generations, their hopes and dreams for their children, what their favorite dishes are (and the ones they say you MUST TRY while in their county) breakdown barriers and give us some of the greatest gifts of travel – memories for a lifetime.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting As Your Expert Travel Partners

We understand that traveling can require a lot of emotional and mental energy. How do we get to the next town? Where is the best place to eat? How do you navigate the chaotic taxi system? How do you find the old bedouin paths that can get you to the beautiful views of Petra? This is where a good travel company, like ArchaeoAdventures , comes in. You’ll enjoy the culture, the sites, the people, the local guides without the hassle of sorting out logistics. Private, custom-designed trips for your travel group are often more efficient because the company and guides know the country well. When traveling with a good local guide, it’s like being shown around a country by a local friend. You can get the insider view while on an ArchaeoAdventures’ custom private trip and are able to relax on holiday while we handle all those pesky travel logistics.

Make The World A Better Place One Travel Adventure At A Time

Environmentally and Socially Responsible Travel

Socially Responsible: Working with Women-Owned Businesses, Local Guides and Local Communities

At ArchaeoAdventures, we believe that traveling responsibly involves understanding the impact we have as visitors. Through how we spend our money and our time, we as travelers have tremendous potential to affect the places we visit and the people who call them home. We can make a difference through the travel choices we make, the companies and people we work with, and where we spend our money. Through our travel choices we can understand cultures, make a positive impact in the communities the visit, steward the environment, and protect ancient sites. And so every ArchaeoAdventures custom designed trip gives back to the local communities, local tourism professionals, and women-owned businesses where we travel – employing local guides, working with women-owned companies and working with small family-run businesses in the local communities to make a positive impact on the people and places we visit.

Environmentally-Friendly Travel

We run low impact, eco-friendly, sustainable custom designed trips; leaving as small a foot print as possible. And we ask our travelers to join us in this effort – contributing to the efforts of protection of the local land, its people, wildlife and culture. We are growing our efforts to reduce plastic water bottle use, working with our in-country teams to find creative ways to explore countries sustainably and with as little plastic waste as possible. This is an on-going process and easier to implement in some countries compared to others due to logistics, single-use plastic water bottle alternatives and local education around recycling and reducing plastic waste. Over the next few years you will see our trips become ever increasingly plastic-waste free. We look forward to helping you travel and explore our destinations in a sustainable, plastic-free style. And we appreciate your patience as we work to implement these new policies, while always putting our travelers health and safety first.

Meet Our Founders

Genevieve Hathaway

Director of Operations and Marketing, Founder, Co-Owner.

For over a decade and a half, Genevieve has lived and worked throughout the Middle East and North Africa. In 2003, Genevieve had the first of many opportunities to live in Egypt, studying Egyptology at the American University in Cairo. Earning a BA in Archaeology and a BS in Biology from the University of Washington; her first career was as an Archaeologist, specializing in Egyptology and Osteo-Archaeology. Genevieve went on to spend extensive in traveling throughout the Middle East and North Africa and helping travelers do the same. She loves using her expertise and knowledge to design once-in-a-lifetime experiences for her travelers.

Juan Lema

Director of Sales and Technology, Co-Owner.

Juan brings his expertise in business management combined with his love of travel to managing our growing team, keep the gremlins out of the machine, the website speedily delivering travel to you and help ArchaeoAdventures continue to expand. An avid adventure traveler, Juan has summitted Mt. Rainier, biked across Spain in 16 days traveling the Camino, trekked the Incan trail, and is planning to walk the 88 temples of the Shikoku Pilgrimage in 2019. He is also a certified drone pilot and talented aerial photographer/videographer. Growing up in Lima, Peru, Juan keeps the office happy and well-fed with tasty homemade ceviche and causa.

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Walk inside the Great Pyramid where Egypt rests her mighty king

· Explore Egypt’s fascinating history with expert Egyptology guides.

· Walk in the footsteps of Pharaohs at the Great Pyramid and Sphinx.

· Meet a local farm family and learn how my Egyptians live along the banks of the mighty Nile River.

· Discover the beauty, mystery and artisans of Old Cairo.

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Beyond petra to the north lies jerash the Antioch on the Golden River

· Discover Jordan’s thriving, modern capital city Amman.
· Explore the ancient wonders of Petra.
· Marvel at the beauty of Petra By Night.
· Enjoy the spectacular desert landscape of Wadi Rum overnight under the stars.
· Relax while floating in the Dead Sea.
· Explore Jordan’s Roman heritage at the ancient site of Jerash.
· Walk through the wonders of Ajloun Nature Reserve and Forest.
· Spend time with local artisans who still produce crafts and olive oil in the traditional way.
· Stay in a comfortable Jordanian guesthouse and enjoy a homecooked traditional meal.

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