Cairo 101: Dailing To and Within Egypt

Dailing Within Cairo, Egypt and Internationally

Calling Internationally To Egypt:

Egypt has cheap, fast cell service throughout the country with reliable cell reception even in the desert. Photo copyright Genevieve Hathaway photography.

Egypt’s Country Code is +20 (or 0020) if you are trying to call Egypt from another country.  Add 0020 before the number you are trying to call.

Drop the “0” at the front of the landline number, while keeping the second number of the city code. For example, if you are calling the Cairo landline number 02-2-265-2629 (might also be listed as 2-265-2629, the “02” at the front is the outside of the city code you have to add at the front of the landline number when calling it from a mobile or a city in Egypt outside of Cairo.  Sometimes this “02” is not listed in the phone listing.) from outside Egypt you dial 0020-2-2-265-2629.



Calling Within Cairo:

Calling a landline from your mobile:

  • The “city” code for Cairo is “2”. Calling from a mobile is considered outside of the “city”, so you need to add a “0” before the additional “2”.
  • Also, recently Cairo landlines received either a “2” or a “3” in front of the standard 7 digit phone number (xxx-xxxx), so now landline phone numbers in Cairo have 8 digits.  When you are given then number for the landline use the 8 digits given.
  • To dial the landline number 2-265-2629 from your cell (or a landline in a different city), dial 02-2-265-2629.

Calling Cairo from Another City in Egypt:

If you are calling Cairo from a landline in another Egyptian city, you dial the number the same as if you are calling the landline from a mobile.

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