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Meet a Guide: Reham Ali

Exploring a country with a knowledgeable guide is one of my favorite ways to get an insider look at a culture. As a photographer, I’ve

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A Village Called Dahab

A stunning video to fuel your travel dreams. Egypt’s beautiful Red Sea coast town of Dahab. One of the world’s premiere diving locations. Alhamdulillah |

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Epic Dubai Time Lapse

Dubai is a great place to start or end any trip to the Middle East. A mix of old and new, traditional Emirati and futuristic,

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The Feel of Morocco

In just 3 minutes Leonardo Dalessandri captures the feel of Morocco. Watchtower of Morocco from Leonardo Dalessandri on Vimeo.

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Food for the Traveler’s Soul

When I’m not on the road, experiencing the wonders, mysteries and cultures on Planet Earth, sometimes I need a little traveler’s fix. Something visual to

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I’m Beached Bro

This little video is an underground viral sensation in Australia and New Zealand. It pokes fun at Kiwi accents, but is a hit amongst Auzzie

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