Day 12 of 30 Days of Travel – Exploring the City of 1001 Churches, Ani, Turkey

Day 12 of 30 Days of Travel – Exploring the City of 1001 Churches, Ani, Turkey

Ani, in northeastern Turkey, is the once mighty Bagratid Armenian capitol. At the height of its power over 100,000 people lived here. From 961 to 1045 AD, the city was poised at the centered many important trade routes and was termed the “City of 1001 Churches.” Today the ruins are scattered across miles of farm land, but the main complex is located about a 1 hour drive from Kars. Churches still tower over the land in this massive archaeological complex. The main complex stands on the edge of a dramatic gorge. It’s a stunning location far too few travelers reach.

Travel Tip: Ani is still pretty far off the beaten tourist path, though that could change quickly at any time. There is a good tourist infrastructure in the neighboring town of Kars, making Ani not too difficult to visit. Go now while you have it all to yourself. You can reach Kars by plane or multi-day bus from Istanbul. In Kars, hire a local guide or rent a car to reach the magnificent site of Ani.

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Photo credit: Genevieve Hathaway Productions

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