Jordan Travel Video: Extraordinary Beauty and Adventure

Jordan Travel Video: Extraordinary Beauty and Adventure

Friendly people, fascinating ancient history, the magnificent wonder of the ancient world Petra, beautiful landscape and extraordinary adventure – exploring Jordan is the adventure of a lifetime.

Ride a camel through the majestic, red desert of Wadi Rum with its towering sandstone monoliths, deep red rock, and nights of endless stars. Sip tea with local Bedouins and learn about their unique lives and traditions. Marvel at the architectural feats and stunningly preserved iconic city of Petra – once the capital of the great Nabatean empire. Follow in the steps of the ancient travelers and trade caravans while trekking the Jordan Trail – a key trade route that ran the length of Jordan connecting Egypt in the south with Damascus in the North. Dine on delicious, homegrown food in North Jordan – the bread basket of the region. Jordan is home of 1,001 adventures. Experience the magic, wonder and adventure of Jordan.

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