Day 2- 30 Days of Travel: Quiet moments at Karnak Temple, Egypt

Day 2- 30 Days of Travel: Quiet moments at Karnak Temple, Egypt

Karnak Temple located in Luxor, is the largest still standing temple in Egypt at over 5 km. While it’s most famous for its colossal Hypostyle Hall, the complex is comprised of many temples, chapels, pylon-lined halls, courtyards and gardens. Karnak is a gorgeous spot to wander. Stroll through the intricately carved halls imaging what it would have been like “back in the day” as priests, artisans and pharaohs walked these halls. Nice where the original paint still remains.

As with other famous ancient sites, Karnak gets quite clogged with large bus groups during the mid-day. To have it all to yourself (and the best light for photography), visit Karnak late in the afternoon when the harsh desert sun has softened, casting a warm glow over the temple complex.

For a completely different side of Karnak, visit the temple at night during of the sound and light shows.

Travel tip: Visit Karnak early in the morning or late in the day to have it all to yourself. Visiting many of the sites around Luxor? The Luxor Pass is a good value if you plan to see multiple sites. Hiring a local guide to help you explore Karnak will bring this important temple to life.

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Photo credit: Genevieve Hathaway Productions.


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