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Letter from the Field: Latest Developments at ArchaeoAdventures

Dear Friends and Fellow Travelers,

As Fall arrives and in the weather turns in Seattle, my mind drifts to sunnier days in February on our upcoming women’s tour to Egypt. As the darker, colder days of winter descend on many areas of North America, in Egypt the weather gets cooler too — but that’s dropping from 90F to a pleasant 75F. February is one of the best months to visit Egypt. The weather is warm, but not overly hot, especially in Luxor. Spending a day exploring the ancient tombs and temples in the desert is a pleasant affair with the temps being a warm and mild mid-70s. Winds are low and the sky is generally quite clear and devoid of pollution or sandstorms. Nights are a bit chillier dropping to the mid-60s. This time of the year is a perfect time to get away from the dark cold days of winter and enjoy two weeks of sun, exploring 5,000 years of Egyptian history, climbing around the Great Pyramid, soaring at dawn in a hot air balloon over the tombs and temples of Luxor, diving or snorkeling in the Red Sea, and much, much more. We still have a few spots available in our upcoming February women’s tour to Egypt. I invite you to reserve your spot today and join me and a few other amazing ladies in Egypt!

Genevieve Hathaway_Giza Pyramids and desert_at sunset
The Giza pyramids at dusk. Photo: Genevieve Hathaway.

Egypt has been in a news a lot lately. There is something interesting and different going on with Tut’s tomb. Archaeologists

Overlooking the Valley of the Kings. Photo: Wikipedia.
Overlooking the Valley of the Kings. Photo: Genevieve Hathaway.

are not sure what. Dr. Reeves has put forward the idea that Nefertiti was buried in the extra chambers. At this point, there is zero evidence for Queen (possibly Pharaoh) Nefertiti having been buried in a tomb which connects with Tut’s tomb. Something is up with Tut’s tomb, but is it Nefertiti or something else? Archaeologists won’t know till they probe inside the extra chambers. Currently, Dr. Reeves and other archaeologists are using non-invasive techniques to try and study the extra chambers. I hope they do continue to use techniques which don’t damage the tomb. It will be very interesting to see what these extra chambers contain and could offer some very exciting and enlightening new discoveries in Egypt. But is it Nefertiti? I doubt it. (Though hats off to Reeves for saying just the right words to get the media to jump all over this story.) But something interesting, probably. So stay tuned to Egypt for more information on this exciting discovery.


I’m excited to announce a few changes at ArchaeoAdventures. A brilliant Egyptology and Egypt travel expert is joining our amazing team of women. I’d love to welcome Joanie Maro to the team. We turned her popular articles, On the Road with Joanie Maro, into a monthly column. So watch the blog and this newsletter for all her pieces. And you can read Joanie’s latest article “Discovering King Tut” in this issue of ArchaeoAdventures’ newsletter.

We also recently launched a new video series, Meet a Guide. In the first video we interview and highlight one of our amazing Egypt guides, Reham Ali. This new video series will introduce you to lady guides all over the Middle East and North Africa. We will share their stories with you, how they got into guiding, what are some of the biggest challenges they face and insider tips they have on exploring their countries. I invite you to watch our first interview with the wonderful Reham Ali.

Reham Ali, one of ArchaeoAdventures’ top-notch Egypt women guides, was recently interviewed as part of our Meet a Guide series. Photo: Genevieve Hathaway.

I’m also excited to announce at ArchaeoAdventures we’ve started a travel seminar series. Join me to discuss all the best travel tips and advice for making the most of your time exploring Morocco and Turkey. On January 16, 2016 I’ll be speaking on exotic Morocco at the Savvy Traveler shop in Edmonds, Washington. And then on January 30, I’ll be speaking again at the Savvy Traveler in Edmonds about exploring Turkey. Both of these events are free to attend, but registration is required. Stay tuned to our events page for all of our other upcoming events which are in the works.

A camel train traveling in the Sahara during the solar eclipse. Photo: Genevieve Hathaway.
A camel train traveling in the Sahara during the solar eclipse. Photo: Genevieve Hathaway.

ArchaeoAdventures has also recently joined YouTube and Pinterest. We look forward to connecting with you on these social medial channels. Check out our videos on YouTube and subscribe to our YouTube page to stay up-to-date with all of our latest videos.

Thank you for being here, for sharing your love of travel with us, and for your curiosity in the Middle East and North Africa.

We will see you all #OnAdventure in Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Jordan, or wherever your travels take you!

Best Wishes and Very Happy Travels,

Genevieve and the ArchaeoAdventures Team

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