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Majestic Morocco Suggested Packing List

Pack Light and Right: Suggested Packing List for Morocco 

We recommend packing as light as possible for your travels. This makes it easier and more enjoyable to move throughout the country, on and off our van, in and out of the riad, through the medinas. Good, sturdy walking shoes, comfortable clothing that can breathe well in the heat, a hat and plenty of sunscreen are all musts for any of our trips as the sun can be intense in Morocco, especially the Sahara.  

Below is a list of suggested items to bring – this is not a requirement. Rather this list is a starting point to help you determine what is right for you to pack on this trip. Any items that are essentially for this trip we identify with a (essential) after it. 

 Key Documents:  

  • Passport (valid for at least 6 months beyond departure date and with more than 1 blank page) (essential) 
  • Copy of passport (we recommend making both a photo copy and also emailing yourself a scan of your passport’s main page) (essential) 
  • Airline Tickets (essential) 
  • Proof of traveler’s insurance (essential) 
  • A copy of the emergency contact numbers and hotel phone numbers. We send these details 30 days before the tour departure date. (essential) 


(The following items are only suggestions to help get you started thinking of ideas of what to pack.)  

  • Hiking or travel pants   
  • Jeans (best for evening wear since it’s so warm during the day)  
  • Skirt, dress, or slacks for dinner in the evening. (Dinners are not formal but some travelers like to wear slacks or a skirt or casual dress to dinner after a day of wearing travel clothes.)  
  • Light weight sweater or cardigan for evenings 
  • Loose fitting Yoga Pants or Capris pants if you prefer this length to long pants. 
  • Loose fitting long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirts. Longsleeve shirts are nice for the desert. 
  • Light jacket or fleece for evenings. Down jacket or synthetic insulated jacket also works well too. 
  • Socks.  
  • Under garments. 
  • Large scarf to wrap around your face and head in the desert in case we run into a sandstorm. It will also be useful to go inside the Hassan II Mosque. We recommend trying to bringing a scarf that is 4-5 feet if you can find one that long. 
  • Pajamas 
  • Swim suit 
  • Sun hat/Hat for the desert.  

Note: Weather could range from the 70s-90s F during the day. Cotton, hiking and technical travel fabrics are best for this warm climate.  


  • Sandals  
  • Hiking shoes or sturdy walking shoes. (We recommend closed toed shoes for walking through the medina, camel trek, and walking through the dunes of the Sahara). (essential) 
  • Nice flats or sandals for evening dinners (Not required.  Some travelers like to wear this at night to dinners). 

Travel tip: The sand in the Sahara gets in shoes easily. Bring an old pair of runners or hiking shoes to wear and then leave them with the Sahara lodge – they will donate them to a family in need. 

Overnight in the Sahara:  

We store our luggage at our lodge on the duneline. For the overnight in the Sahara bring a small backpack or other small bag to tie to the side of your camel’s saddle. Small backpacks are usually easiest to strap to the camel harness. Just bring the essentials for a barebones overnight. We are back the next morning before breakfast. The following are suggestions, but not required unless noted. 

  • Small backpack or other small bag for overnight in the Sahara. (essential) 
  • Sturdy walking or hiking shoes for walking through the sand and up the dunes. (essential) 
  • One set of change of clothes. (We depart from our lodge at 10:30am and return the next morning before breakfast. Some travelers prefer just to bring only a change in shirt.How much clothes is up to you but all needs to fit in a small backpack). 
  • Sleeping clothes (optional) 
  • Minimal toiletries. (There is a toilet and running water but no shower). 
  • Light hiking style clothes during the day. It is hot in the desert. We recommend long sleeves and long pants to protect your legs and arms of the intense desert sun. 
  • Long scarf to wrap around your head to protect against any possible sand storms.  
  • Sunscreen (essential) 
  • Sun hat and sun glasses (essential) 
  • Camera. 
  • Bug netting for head. On occasion the flies during the day while at camp can be annoying. Sometimes there are flies and sometimes there are not. All depends on if there had been recent rain. Some travelers like to bring a bug netting for their head during the day in case the small sand flies are bad. There are no bugs once the sun sets. 
  • Warm sweater or light fleece for a night. 
  • Down or synthetic insulated jacket for at night. 
  • Warm hat for at night and light gloves. 
  • Socks and underwear. 
  • Small towel or washcloth to wash your face.  
  • Ibuprofen or Tylenol. Some travelers are a little sore in the legs after riding a camel. 
  • A small flashlight or headlamp. (essential) 
  • A power bank to charge your cellphone and camera batteries if you need it. 
  • Ear plugs. Noise travels easily in the desert. 
  • Handsanitizer. There is running water and soap, but some travelers prefer a small bottle of hand sanitizer. 
  • Watch or alarm clock (if you don’t use your phone) (essential) 


  • Plenty of sunscreen (essential) 
  • Sunglasses (essential) 
  • Toiletries  
  • Watch or alarm clock if you do not use your phone as an alarm clock (essential) 
  • Bug netting for head for Sahara (optional) 
  • Flash light for Sahara (essential) 
  • Small travel first aid kit  
  • Water bottle or hydration bag/water bladder  
  • Money belt  
  • Camera  
  • Reading and writing material  
  • Personal spending money – ATM Card and USD/ EUROS/Pounds  (essential) 
  • Power socket adapters – type E or F (European adapters) (essential) 
  • Power bank to charge phone in the desert or if your phone might run out of battery during the day 
  • Travel pack of facial tissues 
  • Toilet Paper – It can be useful to have some TP in your day bag as many places outside of the hotel and restaurants will not provide TP or will not refill the TP 
  • Ear Plugs (essential as the medinas sometimes can get noisy since people live and work in the medina) 
  • Sleeping mask  
  • Travel sized hand sanitizer and baby wipes  
  • A few ziplock bags (they come in handy to store items in or put a wet swim suit in) 
  • Small backpack or rucksack for your overnight in the Sahara desert (essential) 

Note: Morocco uses sockets type E and F – similar to European sockets. Americans and Canadians will need electrical socket adapters. In Morocco, the voltage is 220 V – 240 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. Most electronic devices have an adapter for the voltage and frequency built in, but check your devices before you depart. 

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