Meet a Guide: Reham Ali

Exploring a country with a knowledgeable guide is one of my favorite ways to get an insider look at a culture. As a photographer, I’ve used local guides extensively in my travelers because they both help me gain unique access to places and people, but also help give me an intimate look at a country and its people. As Rick Steves perfectly describes it, “It’s basically like renting a friend who’s really smart. Then, everything I do, I’m doing with a coach and partner. I always learn something.” Over the years, many of my local guides have become dear friends. They have helped me understand countries and cultures that can seem so foreign – to find the beauty in what is different and find out how we are actually much more similar than different.

Reham Ali: professional Egypt tour guide, Egyptology expert, and one amazing lady. Photo: Genevieve Hathaway

At ArchaeoAdventures, I apply this same idea, that traveling with a local guide is like traveling with a local friend. Local guides bring greater depth and meaning to your travels. To help connect you with many of the amazing guides in Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Jordan and throughout the Middle East and North Africa, we are launching our new video series “Meet a Guide.” We will introduce you to the amazing lady guides taking travelers around the MENA region. Share with you their stories of how they became guides, what they love about guiding, challenges they face, what keeps them going, and their favorite aspects of the countries they guide in. To begin our series, I would like to share with you one of my favorite local guides, and a very dear friend, the amazing Reham Ali.

Reham has been guiding for over 10 years. She has seen a lot of change in Egypt, and helped travelers gain an inside looke at both ancient Egypt and the modern-day country. Reham is both an Egyptology expert and expert on Egypt’s Arab history. In this short clip enjoy learning a little bit about Reham.

See in the Middle East and North Africa. Until then enjoy your travels!


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