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Peru Tour: Amazon to Macchu Picchu

I’m thrilled to share with you that our 2018 Peru: Amazon to Machu Picchu 10-day Tour has opened!

We are now accepting bookings. And we are offering a very special early bird reduced rate. This is the lowest rate that will be offered for our Peru Tour. Our tours fill very quickly so sign up today for Peru to secure your spot to join me on a 10-day exploration of this spectacular country June 6-16, 2018


In this special newsletter addition, I’m sharing with you why ArchaeoAdventures is bringing you a Peru tour for 2018.

Its a story about travel, love and lots of ceviche.

Peru is an exciting and diverse country. The first time I visited was over a decade ago. A good friend and I came to Peru to explore this country we had heard so much about and of course see the legendary Machu Picchu. We had a blast flying over the unearthly Nazca lines, staying with local families on an island in Lake Titicaca, exploring Cuzco in the High Andes, eating plates upon plates of ceviche, and marveling at Machu Picchu (which really did deliver even with all the hype).

Jumping for joy at our first visit to Machu Picchu.

I vowed to come back and continue exploring Peru  – feeling like I had just scratched the surface. Fast-forward quite a few years, twists and turns in life, and many travel adventures later – I am introduced to a wonderful guy and we fall in love. His name is Juan. He’s the best adventure partner-in-crime a gal could ask for. He’s from Peru. Life has a funny way of coming full circle. 

Juan showing me giant carnivorous lily pads in Peru’s Amazon Rainforest.

I now spend extensive time in Peru exploring this country as a local. Traveling as a local has allowed me to dive deep into the culture and find the hidden gems of experiences that many travelers miss with only a short time in Peru. For a country that is a very popular destination, there’s still so many great, hidden spots and places that few travelers visit. As Juan and I explored his country (and ate so much tasty food!) time and time again, we found incredible experiences that most travelers missed. We saw where tour companies were doing “what everyone else does” and not providing their travelers with the best possible experience. And we explored parts of the country which few travelers venture.

This brings me to the Amazon Rainforest and Pacaya Samiria Reserve. The short video below shares an inside look at the Amazon and what it’s like exploring this vast jungle and waterways.


While most of us know Peru for Machu Picchu – infact the high Andes and the Incan citadels make up a small portion of the country. 60% of Peru is the Amazon Rainforest! It’s relatively unvisited by travelers compared to its more famous Brazilian counterpart. Pacaya Samira Reseve, about a 4 hour high speed boat ride from Iquitos in the north, is a stunning part of the Amazon jungle packed with incredible biodiversity and biodensity.

It’s untouched by modern civilization, partly due to its remote location. The world’s smallest monkeys (the Pygmy Marmoset) bound through the trees, pink dolphins (yes they are pink!) gracefully move through the Amazon waters, the roar of the world’s largest toad reverberates through the noisy jungle at night, the world’s smallest bats line palm trees (they are so small they look like the tree bark), brightly colored Toucans soar high overhead, and mischievous troops of spider monkeys snatch fruit from the trees. It’s a magical place that will call you back time and time. We built this tour to share this incredible spot with you, as well as our favorite experiences in the Andes.

After many, many visits across Peru, Juan and I decided to craft a very special trip for ArchaeoAdventures’ travelers. This trip will be traveling across Peru like a local with locals – Juan will be joining us to help lead this trip through his backyard! We will take you on an insider, local trip through the very best of our favorite spots and adventures. 

We will discover the wonders and wildlife of the Amazon Rainforest. Learn about the Incan culture, history, architecture and marvel at their mastery of agricultural invention and building at sites such as Ollantaytambo and Saksaywaman. Enjoy the stunning beauty of the Sacred Valley. Dine on the best Peruvian cuisine at a nunique restaurant located in one Lima’s famous huaca’s – ancient Incan temples. Dive into Lima’s famous culinary scene and let your taste buds discover why it has consistently been voted the number one country for food. And marvel at the wonders of Machu Picchu, the impressive Incan citadel built into a dramatic location on a mountain in the rugged Andes mountains 2,430 meters about sea level.

This tour will be very small group with only 8 travelers max! So grab your spot early to not miss this travel experience! Peru: Amazon to Machu Tour will continue the ArchaeoAdventures’ mission to economically empower local women with good tourism jobs – working with local women culture guides, local women adventure guides, local women co-ops and local women owner companies. 

Learn more about this trip and explore the information, photos and videos here.

See you in Peru!

Genevieve, Juan and the ArchaeoAdventures Team

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