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The Bouldering Wall That Could

Bouldering under a bridge (technically a freeway bridge)? Why not said Auzzie climbers. Climbers are a resourceful, creative bunch. It’s a sport that attracts minds

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Grampians National Park

In the state of Victoria, two outdoor rock climbing areas rank as some of the best climbing in the world — Grampians National Park and

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I’m Beached Bro

This little video is an underground viral sensation in Australia and New Zealand. It pokes fun at Kiwi accents, but is a hit amongst Auzzie

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Fires in Tasmania

After receiving emails and messages from family, friends and readers asking if I’m ok and safe from the bad fires in Australia making news internationally,

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Christmas in Oz

The ribbon was strung on the buildings and tied in neat, large bows. Faux paper bulbs swayed on strong cables between downtown traffic lights. And

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