Why Travel With Us:

Travel and positive change powered by women. Women-Powered Travel is local women sharing their knowledge of their home countries with travelers, and in turn, travelers helping support local female guides. We call this way of exploring and experiencing a country women-powered travel.

Our trips are part cultural immersion, part connection with locals, part experience-rich exploration of the best and off-the-beaten-path sites and experiences. Each trip is tailor-made and one-of–a-kind, packed with unique experiences. They are intimate and personal, helping you feel like a local exploring the country. Feel more like you have a local friend showing you the hidden treasures of their hometown. As we say at ArchaeoAdventures – come as a traveler, leave as a local.

Our tours feel like traveling with a small group of liked-minded friends. Small-group travel allows for flexibility and us to tailor to the specific travelers needs and interests. It gives our travelers the camaraderie and companionship of sharing their travelers with a other like-minded people.

What Sets Us Apart:

ArchaeoAdventures offers unparalleled world class travel services, tours and handpicked boutique hotels.

Our local women guides are leaders in their fields and experts on their country. Our tours feel more like a local friend showing you the hidden treasures of her hometown. Come as a traveler and leave as a local.

We take ownership for the role we play and the power we have through travel to directly impact local women’s lives. You as a traveler on our tours are employing local women with fair wage jobs.You can be proud to be part of this step in the right direction for worldwide gender equality – one woman at a time.

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