Women-Powered Travel

ArchaeoAdventures is a different kind of adventure travel company, founded on the idea that through travel we can empower local women and provide travelers with culturally immersive, experiential adventure travel. We designed our tours to have expert women guides sharing their knowledge of their home countries with travelers, and in turn, travelers helping support local female guides. We empower local women through employment with fair-wage jobs, helping women be equal wage earners and support their families.

ArchaeoAdventures trips give you a travel experience unlike any other. Part cultural immersion, part connection with local women, part experience-rich exploration of the best and the off-the-beaten-path of the countries’ sights and experiences. We put our years of experience in the regions to work designing dreams trips. Our tours feel more like a local friend showing you the hidden treasures of her hometown. We recognized the importance of supporting and empowering local women through making them equal wage earners and paying a fair and livable wage. Our travelers also benefit tremendously from traveling with local female guides – they gain unique insight and cultural experiences through local women showing them around their home country. We created a completely new kind of travel experience: travel that breaks down barriers, connects across cultures, and empowers all through partnering with local women.

Note: We do our best to work with women guides wherever we can. But sometimes due to a shortage of female guides in certain areas and countries or cultural sensitivities it is not possible to work with women guides. We do our best to employ local women tourism professionals, but on occasion you may have a wonderful male guide guiding your tour.

Enjoying the Giza Plateau with my friend and local female guide, Reham. Giza is one of our favorite sites. Photo: J. Rowe.
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