Wonders of Jordan and Petra Travel Checklist

□   Pay the remainder of the tour fee no later than 60 days prior to the departure date.   

□   Complete and sign all documents on your Traveler Portal. Upload a copy of your passport and traveler’s insurance. Even if you have taken a previous ArchaeoAdventures Tour you will need to do this again as we do not store passport photos for security purposes.  

□   Purchase traveler’s insurance (required for this trip).  

□   Print and bring a copy of your travel insurance on the trip.

□   Print and bring a copy of your Jordan Pass. This will be emailed to you 30 Days prior to departure.

□   Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months and has at least two full blank pages.  Bring a photo copy of your passport with you on the trip (I also find is useful to have a copy saved in a secure place like dropbox. Ease to access from most places with just internet).

□   Get any necessary vaccinations and boosters.  See your travel clinic or general practioner for advice on any travel vaccinations you might need.

□   Ensure all your prescriptions you are bringing are full and in properly labeled bottles. If you have any critical prescriptions we recommend bringing a written doctor’s prescription from your doctor. This would help you refill your prescription in Jordan if you needed to.

□   Purchase the proper travel adapter for the electrical sockets.   

□   We recommend bringing a small travel first aid kit with a few basic items such as bandaids, cold medication, laxatives, over the counter medication for travelers diarrhea, mild-pain medication like Ibuprofen or Tylenol, any other over the counter medical items you would need. 

□   Fill out the Flight Details form and send us your flight details for your arrival and departure flights.   

□   Alert your banks and credit card companies of your travel plans, so your credit card and debit cards will work in Jordan. 

□  Carefully read the attached suggested packing list and see if there are any items you don’t have that you would like to get for the trip. 

□  Start getting excited! Jordan is just around the corner!