Zero To Travel Podcast Interview: Travel In The Middle East with Genevieve Hathaway

I’m excited to share with you a recent podcast I recorded for Zero to Travel, Travel in the Middle East with Genevieve Hathaway, sharing tips for MENA region travel, adventure travel in the Middle East, travel photography, an inside look at starting a tour company, and much, much more. Jason Moore is the creative force behind Zero to Travel. He founded and runs the Zero to Travel podcast as a way to share actionable advice from experienced travelers. He’s a great interviewer, asking interesting, thought-provoking, insightful and practical questions. I have listened to Zero to Travel for quite some time, and what I love about his podcast series is that he takes the conversation out of the theoretical down to actionable, practical steps that listeners can actually do. He also fills the podcast with plenty of inspiration to get you excited about travel. It was such a joy to work with him and be able to share with Zero to Travel listeners practical tips for traveling smart, savvy and safe in the Middle East. We covered some top destinations that should definitely be on your bucket list. I breakdown many misconceptions about what it’s really like to travel in the Middle East. Provide great tips for meeting locals and finding back doors into the culture. I address what it is like for women travelers and how women can have a great experience in the Middle East. Jason and I also chat about travel photography, telling stories with your camera, how to actually get paid to take pictures and much, much more.

Tune into the podcast on Zero To Travel here.

Or listen to it on itunes or stitcher.

Please share it with your family and friends. And let us know in the comments what other topics you would love to hear discussed, some of your travel tips for exploring the Middle East and any questions you have.

Thanks for listening to my Zero To Travel interview.

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