Majestic Morocco Tour


Majestic Morocco Tour

  • DATEOctober 3-13, 2018
  • PRICE$3980
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Highlights of Morocco Tour:

  • Enjoy Marrakech‘s wild, crazy and highly entertaining Jemaa El Fna. By day acrobats, snake charmers, dancers and musicians wow the crowds and by night local restaurants have a cook off.
  • Explore the twisting medieval labyrinths connecting Fez‘s ancient souks, mosques, and medina — the most complete medieval city in the Arab World.
  • Travel through the High Atlas Mountains amongst snow-capped peaks and Berber tribes — the roof of North Africa.
  • Take a camel trek in the massive, rolling Erg Chebbi dunes in the Sahara desert, and camp under the stars in this dramatic and wild landscape.
  • Bargain for Bedouin-made jewelry, spices and ceramics amongst the blue-washed buildings of Chefchaouen’s medina.
  • Explore Morocco with a small-group tour of like-minded travelers. Limited to 8 adventurous travelers.

Majestic Morocco in 10 Days

  • Starting city: Marrakech
  • Ending city: Casablanca
  • From:$3980
  • Single Supplement: $480
  • Dates: October 3-13, 2018
  • Availability: 8 travelers Only 2 spots left!
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    $3795January 1, 2018
    $3980February 1, 2018
    $4275March 1, 2018
    $4560April 15, 2018
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Mountains, Medinas and the Mediterranean. Sahara, Souqs, Surfing. Camels, Crafts, Couscous. There are too many words to describe Morocco to boil it down to just a simple phrase. Morocco is a rich mix of Berber, Arab and French culture. A land as much defined by its geographic as by its people. Morocco is bordered in the east by the vast and desolate Sahara desert. On the west is the Mediterranean and in the north and center are a series of rugged mountain ranges. Whether an outdoor enthusiast, a foodie, or excited to learn about a place through its history — Morocco has something for every traveler. Below learn about this Morocco tour.

Download the Majestic Morocco Tour detailed itinerary. For questions about the tour please contact Genevieve Hathaway at or by phone +001 (425) 243-9357.
What’s Included
  • Small group of 6-8 like-minded, adventurous travelers. (Minimum of 6 travelers for the tour to run.)
  • Knowledgeable, engaging local female expert guides who will bring to life Morocco’s rich, complex and important history, as well as, help you understand Morocco and its culture from a female perspective.
  • Guided walks of the Marrakech and Fez medinas.
  • Experienced, knowledgeable, Morocco expert ArchaeoAdventures’ Tour Director who will help facilitate a wonderful time in Morocco. Overnight camel trek in the Sahara Desert. Staying in a Berber village and taking tea with a Berber family.
  • Site entrance fees. This includes admission fees to the Bahia Palace, Ait Benhaddou, Marrakech’s Medersa, Fez’s Tanneries.
  • Moroccan cultural and food evening.
  • All guide and driver tips.
  • Breakfasts, and many lunches and dinners.
  • All tour in-country transportation including all ground transportation while on tour, transportation to and from the airport, and all camel treks.
  • Historic, comfortable, boutique hotels and riads.
Cost Details
Only the deposit is due at this time to secure your spot on this tour. Deposit: $500 USD Tour Cost for double occupancy: $3,980 Single Supplement: $480 USD Email Genevieve at for more details. Tour pricing increases as the departure date nears. Below is the price chart based on double occupancy:



$3795January 1, 2018
$3980February 1, 2018
$4275March 1, 2018
$4560April 15, 2018
Our tour prices are an excellent value and a good investment, while also reflecting our beliefs in responsible travel. We believe that part of responsible tourism, of traveling with intention and being accountable for our choices, is using the economic power of travel to employ qualified and talented local women guides. We empower local women as equal wage earners and help provide them the resources to continue to support their families through fair wage jobs. When you book a trip with ArchaeoAdventures you are actively helping economically empower women in Morocco.

Payment: Payment is due in full 60 days prior to the departure date. No refunds will be issued less than 60 days before the tour departs. Late payments will accrue a 10% late fee per day on overdue payment. Overdue fees begin to accrue starting on August 4, 2018. If payment in full is not received within 7 days after August 4th, the traveler forfeits their spot on the tour.

Is this tour right for you?
Can you enjoy traveling in a developing nation? Morocco is a developing nation that has been steadily moving through a fast period of growth and change. It’s an exciting and fascinating time to experience Morocco. As a developing nation many services, systems and levels of environmental cleanliness are not the same as they are in Europe and the States. While exploring the country you will see pollution, poverty, overcrowded cities, and sadly malnourished people and animals. You will also see a Morocco working hard toward finding it’s way to a progressive democracy and finding solution for its economic, social and political challenges. You will experience the stunning ancient Berber culture and traditions, learn about Morocco’s fascinating Islamic, Moorish and French history, meet friendly locals, enjoy the warmth and hospitality of Moroccans, and enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the Sahara Desert, High Atlas Mountains and Moroccan coastline. This trip requires moderate activity level – sustained walking for 2-3 hours over rough terrain, cobblestone, hills, sand dunes and in the heat unassisted. Some days you may be on your feet for the majority of the day with only short breaks. A few days there will be up to 8 hours of driving. This trip is not appropriate for travelers using walkers, wheelchairs, other mobility aids, or who cannot stand on their feet for 2-3 hours while visiting sites and walking around museums. This tour is also not suitable for travelers with back problems. Our tours often involve a number of hours outside in hot temperatures (70 – 85F, some trips as high as low 90s). In the Sahara, we ride camels 1.5 hours to our Bedouin camps. There we sleep on mattresses (with clean bedding) on the ground (the ground is carpeted). These beds are not suitable for traveler’s with bad backs or severe back problems. NOTE: We stay overnight at a wild camp under the stars in Berber tents in the Sahara. For this 1 night there is limited running water or toilet facilities. The Bedouins call this wild camping and the experience of spending the night deep in the Sahara far from civilization is an extraordinary experience! If you do not think you’ll be able to meet this level of activity requirement, or you have any questions or concerns please email our helpful staff at
Activity level
This trip requires moderate activity level – sustained walking for 2-3 hours over rough terrain, up hills, and in the heat unassisted. This trip is not appropriate for travelers using walkers, wheelchairs, other mobility aids, or who cannot stand on their feet for 3-4 hours while visiting sites and walking around museums.
We place the safety of our travelers and staff as our top priority. We are continuously in close contact with our knowledgeable on-the-ground staff, network of in-country partners and the US State Department. We update our site with the most current safety situation. If at any time safety becomes an issue we will alter the trip itinerary or, if absolutely necessary, cancel, post-pone a trip, or end a tour early. Our local guides and American tour director will be closely monitoring the situation while the tours are in-progress to ensure that every tour is safe, though currently we do not anticipate any need to change the itinerary of our upcoming tours. So is Morocco safe? Yes. Morocco is safer than most big cities in the US. Morocco, on the far corner of North Africa, did not experience the same level of large scale protests that most Middle East and North Africa countries experienced during the Arab Spring. The long-standing cultural exchange and influence between France, Spain and other European countries with Morocco has helped Moroccan advance quickly, in many ways, to meet European standards.
Visa Information
Visas for Morocco vary depending on your country which issued your passport. Make sure you have a few empty pages in your passport and that your passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond the end of the tour. Morocco tourist visa is not required for citizens of United States for a stay up to 90. For European, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and other countries check with your state department for your Moroccan visa requirements.
Tour Fine Print
Booking a tour and your deposit: To book an upcoming ArchaeoAdventures tour to Morocco a $500 deposit per person is required. Reservations are taken on a first come first serve basis and we do not hold your spot until your despot has been received. The tour registration form must also be completed and submitted. Deposit can be paid by check, credit card, paypal or cashier’s check. The full tour payment is due 60 days before the start of the tour.

Rates: Rates are based on tariffs, U.S. exchange rates, hotel rates and vendor fees at the time of tour reservation. Our tour rates are subject to change due to unpredictability of costs, exchange rates, and tariffs. Once you book your tour and submit your deposit (or full payment if paying less than 60 days prior to departure date) the price of your tour will not change.

Cancellation Policy and Refunds: We are committed to running our tours and ask that our guests be committed to them as well. We also understand that unplanned for situations may arise which require you to cancel your tour with us. Deposits and payments made 90 days or earlier before the tour departure date are 100% refundable. nfortunately, we cannot offer refunds less than 60 days prior to the tour departure date. We finalized all bookings with our vendors 60 days prior to tour departure to guarantee our travelers the best possible experience on the tour. As such, we cannot give refunds on payments less than 60 days before tour departure.

Payment and Late Fees: Payment is due in full 60 days prior to the departure date. No refunds will be issued less than 60 days before the tour departs. Late payments will accrue a 10% late fee per day on overdue payment. Overdue fees begin to accrue starting on August 4, 2018. If payment in full is not received within 7 days after August 4th, the traveler forfeits their spot on the tour.

Tour Interruption/Cancellation Protection Insurance and Traveler’s Insurance: All traveler’s are required to purchase and show proof of traveler’s insurance which covers overseas illness, trip interruption/cancellation protection, and emergency evacuation. You may also wish to purchase flight protection insurance.

Read additional terms and conditions here.

The trip was amazing! It was a great overview to the beautiful country. The city tours with local female guides were insightful and a great opportunity to really connect with the culture. The accommodations were very charming and the food was delicious! – Katherine In 2016 I adventured to Morocco on the ArchaeoAdventures tour. I was closing a chapter in my life and used the trip as a life reset. It was a fascinating and magical tour with a truly wonderful group of traveling companions, we are still friends today! I found many people that spoke English to help me navigate while I explored the Medinas; friendly locals always guided me to a shop, spa, or restaurant I sought in Marrakech and Fez if I got lost. The food was spectacular, and spices from the markets continue to help me recreate moments I cherish. I came home with so many memories and treasures, which I topped off by adding a photo-shoot by Geneviève Hathaway Photography to keep my experience in the Sahara desert alive in pictures. – Jennifer Larsen My trip to Morocco with ArchaeoAdventures was the tour of a lifetime. We saw and did so much over a relatively short time, and everywhere we went, we were met with stunning scenery and helpful people. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know Morocco with such fabulous travel companions! – Lizzie Morocco had been on my must-go list for a very long time but with so little time to plan or do research, ArcheoAdventures was a godsend.  The tour was very well planned…. I am amazed at how much of Morocco we covered and was still managed to get a taste of each city we stayed in.  Every time I saw one of those giant tour bus with 30+ people I was so thankful I was traveling with a small group of like minded travelers.  I am looking forward to doing their other tours.  – CATHY H The trip was more than I ever expected in every way, starting with the Riads, the small hotels in the heart of the ancient Medinas – beautiful architecture, great breakfast/ dinners, and owners/staff who made us feel completely welcome. We were truly in the culture. The  overnight camel trek to the Berber Oasis was absolutely magical, an adventure right up there with the Giza Pyramids and Petra Treasury. A whole new world.  Each city was original, exotic and accessible thanks to your careful planning.  I would do it again in a heartbeat. ~ John H.  Genevieve and the Archaeoadventures team showed me the heart and soul of Morocco. Through the fascinating food tour in Marrakech and the marvelous artisan tour of Fes, the adventurous camel trek out in the Sahara Desert and stay at the charming Berber camp, and the visit to the stunning Bahia Palace and gorgeous vistas of the blue city of Chefchaouen, I experienced the full depth of Morocco. The hotels were amazing, comfortable and well located in the old part of the cities. Everywhere the food was delicious, locally grown, and safe to eat. All aspects of the tour were well thought out, well managed and so much fun! I highly recommend this tour! ~ Teresa

What Sets Our Morocco Tour Apart

Our Tour

Other Companies' Tours

Explore Morocco with an expert local female guide. Economically empower these local ladies!Mostly employ male guides. Lack of diversity in staff.
Small-group tour of only 8 travelers.Large groups with 24-50 travelers.
Enjoy wonderful Moroccan food at local, healthy, clean mom and pop restaurants.Eat at large, impersonal tourist-focused restaurants.
Stay at historic riads in the medinas run by local families.Stay at large, impersonal hotels outside the medina because their tour group size is too large to stay in these riads which usually only have a handful of rooms.
Get off the beaten path visiting places like Telouet and Chefchaouen.Most tour itineraries stick to the main sites in Morocco.
No tipping! We believe in paying our local guides, drivers, and staff a fair wage, rather than them relying on tips for the bulk of their income. This also helps our travelers budget the full cost of their trip. So there is no tipping of our guides, drivers, staff.Many other companies pay local guides, drivers and staff lower wages and expect them to make up the difference with tips. We don't believe this system benefits the tourism professionals or the travelers on the tour.



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