5 Unexpected Facts About the Egyptian Museum

5 Unexpected Facts About the Egyptian Museum

Our friends at Experience Egypt #ThisIsEgypt created this engaging video sharing 5 fun and unexpected facts about the Egyptian Museum.

Including, did you know?

  • The Egyptian Museum is over 100 years old! It’s in act a famous building in its own right.
  • Marvel at the only found statue of Pharaoh Khufu who built the Great Pyramid.
  • You can meet Ramses II (the famous pharaoh who built Abu Simbel, lived to over 92 and expanded Egypt’s borders) face to face. I met him a few times – he’s not much of a talker.

Watch their excellent video to learn more about these facts and other tantalizing tidbits about what’s inside this iconic and incredible museum.

Credit: Experience Egypt

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  1. Ah been in there quite few times and never have enough and always seams like i missed something, faraonic village, village od the death,khan khalili,,, miss it so so much

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