Pakistan Team Summits Sia Kangri While Getting Shelled by the Indian Army

While in Pakistan, I interviewed Hav Yousef, one of the early Pakistan climbers.  He climbed as part of an army climbing team, and has a number of first ascents to his name.  Mirza Ali translated the interview.  Below is a clip of Yousef, via Mirza Ali, recounting a particularly harrowing climb where they were shelled by the Indian Army while summitting.

In 1989, while attempting the first Pakistani ascent of Sia Kangri, on the Pakistan-India border, Hav and his Pakistani army team of climbers twice took heavy shelling from the Indian army.  One of those boats of bombing was during the summit push. The mountain is 24,370 ft tall and located in the Baltoro Muztagh in the Karakoram Mountain Range.  Hav and his team successfully summitted Sia Kangri becoming the first Pakistani team to reach the top.

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