[Women Rising Podcast] Revisit with Bouchra Baibanou as She Summits Mt. Everest

Women Rising Podcast: Bouchra Baibanaou, Morocco’s First Female Mountaineer Summits Mt. Everest

We recently sat down again with Bouchra Baibanou to talk life, climbing, empowering women and her nearly complete 7 Summits project as she recently successfully summitted Mt. Everest. Bouchra Baibanou, a software engineer from Rabat, is on track to summit the “7 Summits” having just completed her second to last climb – the infamous Mt. Everest.  This is the story journey of one determined woman not giving up on her dream. She is using mountaineering to show women in Morocco that they can be anything they set their minds to. She is inspiring a younger generation of Moroccan women to challenge societal norms and strive to accomplish big goals.

[Photo credit: Bouchra Baibanou]


Up next for Baibanou is Mt Venson in Antarctica at the end of 2018. With that last peak she will, she will be the first Moroccan to complete all 7 Summits. You can follow Bouchra’s expedition and her work changing perspectives on what women can do on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

This podcast is part of ArchaeoAdventures FM’s Women Rising Podcast Series: Women Changemakers in the Middle East and North Africa. You can read the recent article we published on Bouchra here.

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